A Great Fishing Trip

My family of four, including myself, my wife and two sons (ages 7 and 3) are from Georgia and stayed the summer in Portland. We wanted to get out and experience nature and do some fishing as this is a family activity that we have done in multiple locations on various vacations. We found Ben on the internet and booked a full day trip. He was a courteous guide and was great in keeping the kids invovled in the fishing activity while on the boat. He put us on the fish and we basically had non-stop activity throughout the trip as we were catching various Chinook and Steelhead on the beautiful Columbia. We had never been fishing in the Northwest and didn’t know what to expect, but Ben was very patient in answering our questions and teaching us how the fisheries work, etc. to maintain the fish population. It turned into a lesson for my kids (and me for that matter), and was a good experience they will not forget. While we had a great time on the actual fishing trip, it only got better when we used one of Ben’s recipes for our fresh catch BBQ Salmon on the grill. The recipe alone was terrific. All-in-all, the experience was awesome and the entire family enjoyed it. I would highly recommend casting your net with Ben if you are looking for a good fishing adventure!

Thanks much,
Scott Kinard
Cedartown, GA